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Cinematic Visuals & Creative Visual Story Telling



Cinematography is my passion. Despite being a combat instructor, adrenaline enthusiast, and someone who works with Tigers and Lions... I'm a nerd by nature and see Cinematography as one of the most diverse and expressive and powerful forms of artistry I can imagine.

Some guys like sports cars... I like cameras and lenses! I'm one of those guys who gets excited and full of energy when we "get that shot", and I do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Whether on a Music Video or a Film, or a live event like a Wedding, or with a client for their business testimonial or commercial, I go to extremes to bring to life what my director or client envisioned.



I am a "Cinematic Photographer". My goal is to create visual art in the essence of movie cinema, making it look as if I had captured a single frame from a film, freezing that moment and emotion. My best shots tell an entire story in just one frame of action.

As a photographer, I don't enjoy images or shots that look forced, posed, or awkward. A great photograph has to have more than just proper focusing, lighting, and composition... Anyone can do that. If my photography tells a story or evokes an emotion, then I feel accomplished.

While I have my own personal style of photography, I am available for hire and can work within the needs of my clients styles and personal tastes.



Video & Photo Editing are among some of my favorite aspects of filmmaking and being a creative shooter. It's the culmination of everything that went into a production, where everyones talent and creativity are merged into one seamless timeline.

Visual FX for both video and photo is like playing with magic. The possibilities are limitless into what can be created, and truly bring the final edit to life.

Graphic Design is something I really enjoy. I've designed dozens of logos and business portfolios for companies, and I also build websites for clients.

3D Animation such as opening titles, closing credits, logo intros, of special FX for videos are always fun.


Wisconsin Based Photographer & Cinematographer

"I Am Cinema" base of operations is in Mauston, WI, though I do work throughout the state and anywhere my clients require. Just minutes away from Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo, Tomah, and Portage, and about 45 minutes from Madison, I'm very easy to find.

I've been a professional photographer and cinematographer since 2008. I choose this area due to my involvement with Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue in Rock Springs. I've been an active sponsor and volunteer with them since early 2006.

Aside from working with Tigers, Lions, and other Big Cats, this entire area is simply surrounded in such vast beauty, that it made for a perfect location for my photography and cinematography studio.

Cinematic Stylization

I offer a wide variety of professional services in photography and video production. After viewing mysebsite, I hope you'll consider my studio for your personal, business, or creative needs.

  • Cinematic Photography  |  Video Production
  • Testimonial Video  |  Recruitment Video  |  Training Video
  • Music Video  |  Indie Film  |  Full Feature Film
  • Wedding Photography  |  Wedding Videography
  • Senior Portraits  |  Lifestyle Portraits  |  Pet Portraits
  • Boudoir Photography  |  Couples Photography
  • Real-Estate Photography  |  Real-Estate Videography
  • Team Photos  |  Sports and Athletics Photography
  • Aerial Drone Photography  |  Aerial Drone Cinematography
  • Steadicam Operator  |  Director of Photography

An image without emotion has no value. Beyond lighting, framing, and composition, there is the story told within the image. My goal is to show your story, and capture the emotion it evokes.

As a professional Cinematographer and Photographer, I provide studio quality work with every client and project custom to your own specific and unique needs.

I take my work very seriously, though I love to have serious fun as well. If you're looking for a cookie cutter photographer or videographer, I might not be the guy you're looking for. Life is Art, and Art is Life. Let's enjoy our work together, have fun, get creative and inspired, and create something catered specifically for you or your project!


I don't just point and shoot video or photos, and I don't take a cookie-cutter approach with my clients.

Your story is unique and personal. I take your personality, your lifestyle, your interests, and your goals into careful consideration with every project and every client.


I Am Cinema offers a fully equipped studio utilizing only professional grade equipment for Video, Photo, Lighting, and Audio.

Your story deserves the highest quality of production. With Full Frame Cameras capable of shooting UHD RAW Images, and 4K & 8K Uncompressed Video, your project will receive a Hollywood scale production at an affordable rate.


My goal is to create immersive visuals that "show a story", evoke emotion, and suspend belief.

I have created my own signature style of Cinematography and Photography. Beyond the technical skill of it all, it is first and foremost, a form of art, that chases light, and plays with shadows, contrast, and composition.

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