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I Create Cinematic Visuals

I apologize for the delay in launching this site! Please check back soon to see when the official site will launch, until then, please visit my facebook page: Facebook.com/NathanGrey/IAmCinema. This 5,000 sq ft studio located in downtown Reedsburg is currently being renovated to open this spring. As a visual storyteller, I understand the importance of subtext in cinematography, photography, directing, editing, graphic design, and digital media. Beyond the “how” that is essential in the work that I do, I understand and accomplish the “why” that is crucial in truly producing a distinctive and well-crafted product. My goal is to always create an outcome that is intentional, original, and has depth and meaning. I have experience working in areas that include local, corporate, and commercial business; additionally, I have held major roles in the creation and development of full feature films. Whether I am working on the set, on location, or with individual clients, I maintain professional etiquette and provide clear communication. Combined with my excellent collaborative skills, confidence, and outgoing personality, these qualities have built my continuing success and positive reputation.

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