How much do you charge?

Ah! The ultimate question!

You might be surprised to know, I oftentimes end up quoting lower amounts and delivering more, than people with less equipment, and far less experience than myself. That being said, I'm also not always the cheapest person available, but I guarantee no one will outwork me or go to the extremes I do to ensure you the most professional, creative, and cinematic experience you desire for your project.

"COST" is not the same as "VALUE", and not all professionals are created equal!!!

"Yeah, that's great, but how much $$$???"... ... (Exhale Slowly)... The cost of any photography or video work I do is dependent on dozens of factors. Some projects or productions are very simple, while others can take massive planning and effort from pre-production through post-production.

That being said, contact me, and I'll send you a link to my rates page for your project.

If you are willing to meet with me via phone conference or a tour of the studio, I enjoy a good conversation regarding your project needs, your budget, your deadline, and deliverables. Upon knowing exactly what your goals are, I can then formulate my rate.

Asking me only "How Much $" isn't a fair question alone. That's like calling a car dealer on the phone and saying "I wanna buy a car, how much is it", without giving him any details of what type of car, what features it has, is it used or new, etc.

If you're price shopping, I may or may not come in as the most affordable option. But if price is the ONLY concern you have, then my best advice is to seek out a young film student with no experience and minimal equipment to capture your event.

It's important to understand... I was a beginner once myself. I often worked for free or seriously reduced rates to simply "get a gig" and build my portfolio and reputation.

However, I'm now a seasoned professional with literally over $30,000 worth of equipment who guarantees what others cannot. I'll do my best to offer you a Hollywood production at an indie film budget.

Can you do it cheaper... Like this guy over there?

When clients meet with me, and after I've reviewed their project needs and deadline, I ultimately determine my price.

This of course can lead to "negotiations"... "Well our budget only allows for this", or "We wanted to stay less than this $$ amount", or "We know a guy who'll do it for less, can you match his price?"... etc.

While I pride myself on offering incredibly fair rates, especially for what I offer, my years of experience, my equipment I bring to the project, and my style of creativity and willingness to go to extremes... sometimes I ultimately can't meet the budget needs of my clients.

When I first began working in this career, yes, I did my fair share of free and highly discounted work. This was to establish my portfolio, reputation, credibility, and experience.

What you get from now, is a result of my years and years of extensive experience and signature style of work, along with an entire studio full of professional equipment.

So now, I do not discount my rates just to meet the needs of the client budget. I know what my value is. My quoted rate is what I require. If some other guy under quotes me, it's important to see if he offers what I do for the same rate.

If a client wants to low ball my rates, then where's my motivation to work my hardest and give my all on their project? The best way I can explain this, by this image below:

Do it cheaper

Can you both Video & Photo our Wedding?

Ouch... This is tough one.

I often will advise my clients to hire one individual to photograph the wedding, and another to film it. Cameras need to be set at different settings between photos and films, and as is such, don't make for easy transfer between the two at a live event.

That being said... Yes... I can deliver both Video & Photo at a Wedding. However, some quality setbacks will be expected, as this limits my time and equipment capabilities at a live event.

It's honestly best, if you hire me as only your photographer or videographer. As in either case, I'll be able to deliver truly cinematic studio quality frames for you once in a lifetime event.

Do you shoot (Fill in the __________ )?

I receive calls and emails from a vast variety of individuals and businesses asking if I shoot (photo/video) of what they're looking for.

The answer ultimately is, regardless of the question... "YES".

While I have my particular favorite styles of photo and video to shoot, and I specialize in Cinematic Visuals, I adapt my style to meet the many various needs of my clients.

The more important question is... "Can I envision what they want?" This is the most important question one can ask. Not all photographers or cinematographers are created equal. The ability to properly expose and focus a shot is nothing compared to ones ability to capture the emotion the frame.

Are you willing to travel?

Absolutely... YES! This world is vast and open and wild! I'll travel to anywhere to capture the video or photos you desire. Travel rates are added to my production. If extended days are required for the project, I'll need sleep accommodations added to the rate.

While I'm based out of Wisconsin (next to Wisconsin Dells), I can travel both locally and internationally.

How long will this all take?

Production time varies from project to project whether its for photography or videography. Some clients want a simple, clean, and easy photo session, while others want several locations, specialized lighting, various wardrobes, or shots which require special editing and Visual FX.

Most video and photo shoots are booked hourly, or offer a discounted day rate. Based on how much what or how much equipment is required, or what type of lighting and staging we're doing, it can take longer, or be super quick.

I'm flexible with my clients and base my rates accordingly to all these factors.

Typically I can deliver photos much faster than video, as video requires much more setup, and effort, and editing. If I'm not overbooked, I can usually deliver my Wedding video package within 1-2 weeks.

Oftentimes I work on Indie Films and larger productions for companies, and to stay within their budget and deadline, I plan accordingly.

How about Prints?

I don't offer prints with my packages, and quite honestly, if ANY photographer offers you a "print package", the best advice I can offer you is to hang up the phone or block their emails. They're SCAMMING YOU!

Let me explain... Photographers are NOT printing companies. If they offer a printing package, what they most likely will do is, send their photos to an online printing company that uses $100K printing machines, and pay the wholesale price from that company. They then turn around and seriously inflate the price of printing, up to 5x the price of what they paid. They're a "middle man" making bank off their clients.

If any of my clients want prints of their work, I will assist them step by step and send them to the same printing company I use for all of my own work. This can save my clients hundreds, if not even thousands of dollars.

My job is to shoot artistic, creative, and inspiring photographs or videos for my clients. My reputation rests upon the quality of work I provide, as well as my customer service and how I treat my clients.

I may or may not always come in as the "cheapest" photographer or videographer, however I guarantee I'll always be the most driven, hard working, creative, easy to work with, and will give you more value per dollar than anyone. My reputation rests upon that fact.

Do you shoot Couples Boudoir? What are your guidelines?

Boudoir photography is a very personal and intimate gift someone gives their significant other, or something couples do together. Regardless of the scenario, I practice the highest level of professionalism, respect, and discretion one could hope for.

I shoot with individuals or couples. Boudoir Photography, Lingerie, Fine Art Nude, Swimsuit, or Fashion modeling is an incredibly expressive form of art. At all times, proper etiquette is maintained.

Whether you're a model building their portfolio, or doing boudoir as a gift for someone, or something to do as a couple, I request an escort to be present during the shoot. They don't need to be in the exact area of the shoot, but readily available as a character witness and for security both for the model and myself.

It's important I work very closely with my models to go over their goals, style of shooting they desire, their comfort zones, and if they have any shy points or insecurities. I want the model to feel confident, comfortable, and safe at all times. My reputation rests on how I treat my clients, and to maintain privacy for the work I shoot for them.

Will you work on Independent Films?

YES!!! My love and passion for filmmaking is what go me started in all of this. In my early 20's I was working in major Hollywood films, Commercials, and TV Shows as a Stunt Actor, Body Double, Stand In, and sometimes as a Featured Extra.

My interest now in film is primarily behind the camera. I love working as a Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Steadicam Operator, Drone Operator, and also as the Editor.

If someone comes to me asking if I'd join their film crew, I'd first want to know details about the story, the cast and crew, schedule, and locations. If it is well organized and legit, I'm all on board and can bring about $30,000 worth of equipment and a lifetime of experience to the table.

So if your a creative, passionate, and dedicated film crew with a great story to create, don't hesitate to contact me!

Do you train others or hire second shooters?

Absolutely! In the past I have offered countless hours of instruction to aspiring filmmakers, photographers, and videographers. I love sharing my passion and knowledge for video and photo.

My entire crew on the set 0f "In Sanity, Florida" were students at a specialized school called "G Star Studios" for young aspiring filmmakers.

I oftentimes hire a second shooter for larger productions such as Wedding Videography, or Business Commercials. There are certain criteria one must meet in order for me to hire them, but also, when I find someone I can trust and rely on, and I like their work, I'll continue re-hiring them for future projects.

How do you prepare for a Video or Photo shoot with clients?

For every client I work with, I go to great lengths ensuring the photos or video I shoot are custom to their goals, personality, interests, lifestyles, and specific to the occasion.

My clients meet with me for a tour of my studio to show and demonstrate to them the equipment I'll be shooting with, and trust me, there's a lot (about $30K worth)!

Together, we do a sit down meeting/interview with them. This gives my clients a great opportunity to get to know my personality and methods of production. I take detailed notes on our discussion, create a shot list and plan of action. This allows me to learn all the details needed to make our project run smoothly and to have a ton of fun from beginning to end.

You're not just going to do the same old "Cookie Cutter" stuff everyone else does are you?

Absolutely not! In fact, I make it a point to let my clients know, if all they're looking for is just someone who can point a shoot a camera, and does nothing but having people smile and pose for the camera... then I'm NOT the right photographer/videographer for them.

I DESPISE cookie cutter photographers and videographers. Having the technical skill to shoot a video or snap a photograph in focus with proper ISO, Apeture, Shutter, and Color Temp settings is only a very small part of being a truly professional and creative photographer or cinematographer.

It's like someone who paints by numbers and stays inside the lines, calling themselves the next Da Vinci.

The heart of great photography and cinematography comes from creativity, passion, and ambition to create stunning visuals the evoke emotion and show a story.

This, more than technical skill, is what makes photos and videos truly artistic.

What kind of packages do you offer and what do we get?

You get everything!!! You won't be sold "packages", forcing you to choose how many photos they get in the end, or force them to pay more if they want more.

Simply stated, if I take 1,000 photographs, my clients will get 1,000 photographs. (The exceptions being shots the came out blurry or flawed.)

Your initial delivery will be Ultra High Resolution and Edited images (or rough cuts), along with dozens of samples of "Enhanced" images. These are shots where I really took the time to do some creative editing (and if needed, visual fx).

After my clients to look through all the images, they create a list of their favorite shots and enhancement styles. From there, I create my final enhancements and deliver them all to my clients.

The same is for video. I create a rough cut of the videos, and allow my clients to review the edit, make suggests or requests, and I then deliver my final edit in 2K, 4K, or even up to 8K.

Do you offer marketing packages for small or large scale businesses?

Most definitely! I work with clients from private individuals, small business, or large corporate accounts. I create purpose driven content, to create a high impact in your market.

I work on Creative Projects, Commercials, Testimonials, Recruitment, Fundraisers, Product Promo, Corporate Branding, etc, etc, etc.

Whether a client or company needs a single video, or an ongoing series of new release videos, I design packages to meet the ongoing and demanding needs of your business.

I also do logo design, corporate branding, website design, and 3D animations and VFX.

Are Aerial (Drone) Video & Photo options available?

Yes! Not only is drone work a great creative addition to filmmaking, it makes for amazing real-estate and tourism videos, and it works for both videography and photography.

I'm licensed and I've been flying drones for about 6 years now. Currently I'm making the upgrade to the Mavic 3 Pro-Edition.

Are you Videographer of Cinematographer?

I consider myself a Cinematographer, far more so than I am a Videographer. Yes, there is a distinctive difference between the two.

Videographers are essentially more focused on simply capturing video or documenting something, and less focused on visually portraying the emotion of the scene or characters.

Cinematographers involve the use of extensive amounts of equipment, camera skills both technical and creative, and produce a "cinematic look".

Cinematography can require entire crews, though the results can be achieved through one individual as well. Cinematographers make decisions on lenses, lighting, composition, camera movement, color grading, filters, and visual fx added into the editing to best portray a final cinematic image.

So yes, I do work as Videographer. Capturing footage required for the needs and stylization of my clients. However, given the chance, I will always work harder and have more fun as Cinematographer.

I want my footage (or photography) to create and evoke emotion. Anyone can point a camera and hit record... a Cinematographer though is an artist who paints with cameras, lenses, lighting, shadow, composition, and more.


What do you shoot with? What Kind of Equipment?

For more details on what equipment I use, visit this page "Professional Studio".

I'm not one who gets into battles over which camera or equipment is better than another. It's too easy to get lost in schematics and insignificant details that simply don't matter. The truth is, in my opinion, there is no such thing as the "perfect" camera, lens, computer, lighting kit, tripod, etc, etc, etc.


The best camera in the world, is the one you have on you.

That being said, a popular question professional cinematographers and photographers are often asked is, "What's in your gear bag?".

I'm a Canon Shooter, and love working with their Full Frame DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras. I currently have 2 Canon 5D Mark iii & 2 Canon 5D Mark iv cameras, along with an Atomos Ninja V+ for each of them, along with a collection of Canon EF lenses. I favor these cameras because I do both Photography and Cinematography, and they're an amazing hybrid of both worlds. Soon I'll be adding a Canon r5 C and new Canon RF lenses to my collection.

For "Action Cams", I fly a DJI Mavic 3 Cine, and also use a GoPro Hero X.

I edit on a Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. I love working with Adobe Creative Cloud, and various software applications to enhance my editing and animation capabilities.

In regards to Camera Support, my faith resides in companies like Manfrotto, DJI, Tilta, ProMediaGear, Atomos, Tascam, Rode, and Sennheiser.

When it comes to production quality, I can't afford to put my trust in low grade, Walmart brand garbage cameras, lenses, tripods, and lighting. Sadly, this is what many "false professionals" use, while claiming to use professional gear.

When clients are price shopping, they need to not only look at the creativity and experience level of the individual, but also the quality of equipment being used.

Aren't you that martial arts guy?

Yup, that's me! Aside from my career as a Cinematographer and Photographer, I've been actively involved in combative martial arts since I was 12, and started teaching when I was 16.

I spent several years traveling to France and Tahiti training under men who changed everything for me in combative arts. I have no love for traditional martial arts, and I despise "McDojos". I offer non-traditional, tactical CQC (Close Quarters Combat), and train children, youth, teens, and adults. Some are simply enthusiasts who enjoy the fitness and self-defense aspects, while others are serious fighters and train to discover their own signature fighting style.

My studio is in the same building as "I Am Cinema" and the overall space is over 5,000 sq ft. For more information, visit my site for "KAIZEN: Tactical Combatives"

Lions, Tigers, and Leopards... Oh My!

Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue is my happy place. I honestly feel these cats do more for me, than I do for them.

My involvement with Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue dates back to early 2006, when I first began volunteering my time to them. I helped the rescue acquire funding to relocate, I helped them build the rescue, I bought them their first four-wheeler, and I more than happily gave and continue to give them all the time I can spare to be part of their amazing cause.

This rescue is the very reason I am now established in Reedsburg. I walked away from my career in films to live where I'm happiest, in this beautiful part of Wisconsin, and a stones throw from my friends and their family of exotic rescues at WBCR.


Steadicam - Drone - Jib - Slider


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I approach Cinematography & Photography as an artist approaches a canvas with paint. Beyond my professionalism and technical skill, I utilize my equipment through my own signature style of cinematography, photography, and editing.

My primary goal is to suspend belief, evoke emotion, and show a story.


Located in Reedsburg, WI (Sauk County), I Am Cinema studio space is massive! With over 5,000 sq ft and 13 ft high ceilings, there is a vast array of opportunities for lighting and staging video or photography projects.


Being near Wisconsin Dells and Devils Lake, I'm surrounded by bluffs, rock formations, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, woodlands, rolling valleys, and both rural and urban areas, so finding the perfect spot to shoot your video or photos is always easy.


While most of my clients are local in the Sauk County, Juneau County, Columbia County, Dane County, and Adams County, I am available to travel anywhere in the states or internationally if needed.

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