In Sanity, Florida is a new comedic drama series written and directed by See~Worthy Films. Marc Zatorsky and Shawn Morell have created an amazing production with a cast of 35 professional actors, and a full crew of film students learning how to be filmmakers. Their offices are locate out of G-Star Studios and Marc often teaches acting at the Burt Reynolds Institute and at G-Star Studios. I’ve teamed up with them for our second production together as their Director of Photography and Editor.

I had the privilege of first working with Marc and Shawnee last year, when they hired me to be their Director of Photography for “TWEET: The Series” 2nd Season. We had both just finished some rather negative experiences and cut ties with some people who would rather steal and take credit for other peoples work. Sadly, not everyone in this business is truly professional, or actually has any talent… they just know how to manipulate and use others for their own career advancement. Needless to say, we both had to take a chance working together, hoping the other was legit and professional.

Long story short… We hit it off tremendously! Which was a huge relief for all of us. I came on board with a wonder lust for creativity and taking their productions to an entirely new level, and they came on board with the highest level of professionalism, respect, and quality production, along with a full cast of amazing actors. They have a true talent for directing, producing, and writing. The quality of their writing alone was enough for me to enjoy working with them, as the last so-called “Writer” I worked with, well… that’s a story for another day, or maybe just one better off forgotten.

Anyway… Fast forward to present day, after finishing up season 2 of TWEET: The Series, and after writing it’s 3rd season, both Marc and Shawnee agreed they needed to challenge themselves further, and put our combined talents to the test. Their team of actors were certainly up to the challenge as well. So they wrote “In Sanity, Florida”. The town is small… the crazy isn’t.

Trust me when I say… “This show is hysterical”!!! Normally as a cinematographer and DP, the most challenging aspect of my job is to create quality lighting and composition, and to keep the actors in focus. For this production, the hardest part was trying not to laugh and shake the cameras as we filmed. Seriously! In Sanity, Florida is a whole new level for independent filmmakers. The talent and the crew were amazing and working with SAG actors, among them included the legendary Burt Reynolds.

Our location was based out of Yesteryear Village in West Palm Beach, and the quality of production even rivaled film studios with huge budgets. We have a few more surprises in store, but you’ll have to watch to find out!


In Sanity, Florida is centered around a fictional village in Florida, where as we say, “The town is small, the crazy isn’t”. Our lead actress “Tommi Rose” (Model/Actress/Singer) takes us through the town and we encounter it’s crazy town folk.

We have 35 amazing actors, including Noah Schnacky (How I Met Your Mother, Hitstreak, Got Home Alive), Mike Benitez (Wrecked, Serendipity, The Sponge Bob Movie, and the Do Over with Adam Sandler), and Louis Tomeo (Every Witch Way), and many other top quality actors. We are also honored to have Mr. Burt Reynolds join the cast, as himself! They all auditioned against over 300 actors, from an original 1,500 submissions. There’s a reason why so many people want to with See~Worthy Films, their quality and reputation are phenomenal. I’m very fortunate to be a part of their team and I love working with them.

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